Kensington® Rechargeable Pocket Booster

When you’re in a crunch, the Kensington Rechargeable Pocket Booster for Mobile Phones has the power to keep your calls going! Keep it in your bag or pocket and you’ll never have to worry about losing another call. Use the included mini USB charge cable or use your existing USB charging cable to charge other devices on the go. Provides up to 3 hours of extended talk time and you can recharge the Pocket Booster by plugging the USB connector into a USB power port. And the two rechargeable AAA batteries inside can even are used to power wireless mice and other devices!
Note: Use your existing charging cable to charge your device.



  • Provides up to 3 hours of extended talk time on your mobile/smart phone, and can be used while you talk.
  • Use the included mini-USB charging cable to charge your mini USB device.
  • Plug the USB connector into any USB power port, like the one on your notebook, to recharge the AAA batteries.
  • Remove the rechargeable AAA batteries inside and use them to power your wireless mouse or other device.
  • Slim, lightweight design that fits in your pocket.
  • Use with any USB cable to recharge other non mini-USB mobile devices like your cell phone, MP3 player and more.
  • Extended talk time is dependent on the age and condition of the rechargeable batteries in the unit and the age, condition, and size of the battery in the mobile device. Amount of extended talk time will vary depending on these factors.


  • Type: Rechargeable Pocket Booster.
  • Manufacturer: Kensington.
  • Manufacturer Part No.: K38036US.
  • Color: Black.


  • Only Mini USB cable is included in this package. Use your existing charging cable to charge your device.

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