RCA Female to Dual Male Splitter/Adapter – Black

Convert your RCA female port into a dual RCA left/right male plug with this RCA splitter/adapter. Our quality 6-inch cable is ideal for devices that output in stereo and need to be converted into a single RCA mono signal. The nickel-plated shells on each connection ensures for a secure, long-lasting connection – the 28 AWG copper conductor ensures a crystal-clear signal. The spiral shielding helps to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). The black PVC hoods add an extra measure of tough, durable protection to the connectors.


SKU: 203408 – 1 Pack
PART: 203408
UPC: 8907940894787

SKU: 203409 – 2 Pack
PART: 203409
UPC: 8907940894794